Case Study

Cyber On-Air partnered with different famous and leading technology manufacturers to provide value-added solutions and services to customers.


Let's check out some case studies and applications from our partners and see how our partners' best-of-breed technology have helped people to solve their real problems and benefit them in terms of operational efficiency, cost and more.


Oscilloquartz Case Study

How 5G adn eCPRI Impacts the Synchronization Market

From this video, we will examine the impact of 5G and eCPRI on the synchronization market and take a look at the hurdles that operators need to overcome

Solutions Used: OSA5405 and OSA5430

What Impact will Small Cells Have on Synchronization ?

This video explains the key factors on timing accuracy and synchronization necessary to successfully meet mass small cell deployments for cellular networks.

Solutions Used: OSA54xx series

Can synchronization outages be catastrophic for networks ?

What would happen if your network lost its synchronization capabilities and what you can do to ensure that this doesn't happen? This video gives you an answer.

Solutions Used: OSA5430 and OSA5440

Is precise timing a key part of mobile network innovation?

The rollout of 5G networks creates new challenges for mobile operators as they seek to meet the necessary levels of synchronization.This video explains how to ensure an effective migration.

Solutions Used: Cesium, ePRTC, Grandmaster clocks

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