'Meru Center' to Accelerate Deployment and Ease Management of Wi-Fi and Open-standards SDN Applications

Posted on October 29, 2014

by Meru Networks

New software platform and App Store change the way IT departments discover and consume applications

(October 29, 2014) Meru Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ:MERU), a leader in intelligent Wi-Fi networking, today announced Meru Center, a new software platform that gives organizations a central networked application provisioning engine and management dashboard, along with the new Meru App Store. The App Store offers a variety of applications, including Meru-developed and open standards-based software-defined-networking (SDN) applications. 

“Businesses today need more flexibility and automation in the selection and deployment of their networks and applications,” said Matthias Machowinski, directing analyst for Enterprise Networks and Video at Infonetics. “Meru Center helps ensure that organizations of all types can deploy access networks tuned specifically to their needs, with the native control or third-party management that is best aligned with their business goals and organizational structure.”

“Meru Center and the Meru App Store will help ensure that we always have the most innovative and up-to-date applications to ensure performance and seamless management of our WLAN,” said Bart Allen, assistant general manager and director of operations, Salt Palace Convention Center. “The ability to download and deploy Meru and partner applications and updates greatly increases efficiency by reducing the time and cost associated with application deployment.”

On-premise Application Provisioning with Meru Center
Meru Center is a new software platform that streamlines allocation of storage, memory and infrastructure in virtualized environments greatly reducing the time and cost associated with application deployment. It features single sign-on, seamless backup, application licensing and comprehensive management capabilities for all Meru applications.

Meru App Store
Meru Center includes the Meru App Store, which simplifies the discovery and deployment of network applications. The App Store includes a series of innovative applications including Network Manager for network visibility and control and Meru Connect for device onboarding and guest access. Service Assurance Manager offers predictive troubleshooting, while Spectrum Manager helps with interference detection.

SDN-enabled applications will include Meru Collaborator for Microsoft Lync® and Personal Bonjour®. Meru Collaborator enables end-to-end monitoring and policy implementation to ensure a consistently high quality of experience. Personal Bonjour® lets IT administrators control permissions linking specific users’ devices to Apple® Bonjour-based services across both wired and wireless networks.

“iTunes and Play Store have transformed the mobile application world for consumers and enterprises,” said Manish Rai, vice president of corporate marketing at Meru. “Meru Center and the Meru App Store have the potential to disrupt the enterprise networking market in a similar way by allowing networking IT to easily find, consume and contribute SDN-based networking apps.”

Meru Center will be generally available in Q4. Meru is actively seeking SDN app development partners.  To participate please email sdndev@merunetworks.com. For more information, visit the Meru web site: www.merunetworks.com/merucenter

About Meru Networks

Meru Networks (NASDAQ: MERU) is a leader in intelligent 802.11ac Wi-Fi solutions delivering uninterrupted user experience for education, healthcare, hospitality and enterprise. The Meru open-standards-based architecture is designed to enable unified management of wired and wireless networks. Its end-to-end application QoS enables enforceable service-level agreements. Meru provides top performance and high capacity in high-density environments. Visit www.merunetworks.com or call (408) 215-5300 for more information.