System Design

Our engineers will assist our customers to design different networking system distributed and provided by our company.

Such design includes but not limited to Network Time and Frequency Synchronization, Data Communication solution, point to point and point to multi-point microwave, Digital Signage system as well as WiFi and Wireless Intrusion Prevention system.

For microwave links installation, our engineer will help customers to evaluate and qualify those intended installation locations by using special tools for link budget analysis, as well as RF propagation predictions and throughput estimation.

Our design service helps customers save both labour and time by sending staff to attend sites before determination of site selection.

We also help customers to design the coverage of Wireless LAN system with expected throughput by optimizing the quantity of access points with special design tools. This can help our customers save the overall equipment purchase cost.


Simplified Synchronization Design for SDH Network with Primary Reference Redundancy



Point to Multipoint Connection Design: Allows Site A & B to Access Internet via Base Station at Hill Top/ Building Roof


Network Design Diagram for an Indoor Wi-Fi System with Outdoor Coverage


802.11n (2.4G) WiFi Signal Simulation Result for a Retail Shop


Digital Signage Network Architecture Through LAN Network & Wi-Fi Connection


Microwave Design Application: Control of Digital Signage Display at Remote Site