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Time & Frequency Measurement | IEEE 1588 & NTP Tester

Timespy Elite

Portable Network Time analyser with Precision time Measurement

Main Features

  • Measures and displays the difference betwen input time singal and UTC
  • Cabable of measuring a wide variety of classic and netowrk time signal inputs, inlcuding PTP (IEEE1588v2) and Have Quick
  • Timing resolution of better than 1 nanosecond
  • SFP connection for connection to alternative media
  • Gigabit Ethernet capability
  • Absolute accuracy fo up to 50 nanoseconds to UTC
  • Automatic identification and analysis of Modulated Carrier Timecodes
  • Full colour touch-screen with user-friendly Windows-based operating system
  • USB port on front panel for easy access downloads for subsequent analysis of data Tobust, portable desing for all industrial applications
  • Input available for measurement of relay opering/closure
  • User-selectable threshold for alarm generation
  • Robust, portable desing for all industrial applications
  • choice of clock accuracy 

For more information, please visit www.timefreq.com for details