Wireless Solutions
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TETRA’s Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) range guarantees high-performance communication, providing spectral efficiency, advanced voice features and integrated data services. 

The robust DMR terminals offer integrated data communications, up to 45W of RF power, improved noise rejection and enhanced error correction, giving crystal clear audio even in high-noise environments. IP67-rated, they provide exceptional levels of water and dust protection and a ruggedness you can rely on. A wide choice of accessories enables personalization and maximizes comfort. 


Hand-portable Radios

With full keypad and colour screen, the SBP8000 is ideal for users who require a wide range of functionality. IP67-rated, it offers a rugged body, high-quality audio and exceptional battery life.

Main Features

  • Waterproof/submersible and dust-proof (IP67)
  • Designed to the highly robust MIL-Standard 810G (designed to withstand shock, vibration, etc.)
  • Outstanding audio quality and sensitivity
  • Exceptional battery shift life (up to 12 hours with a standard battery)
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Range of additional applications (such as dispatchers)
  • Range of applications, including Man-Down and GPS
  • Options board capability to enable features such as indoor positioning


Mobile Radios

Fully-featured, with excellent audio quality and with both UHF and VHF versions available, SBM8000 is a vehicle based and fixed mobile solution for sectors such as transport, security, manufacturing and construction.

Main Features

  • Available in both UHF and VHF versions
  • Designed to withstand shock and vibration to MIL-Standard 810G
  • Outstanding audio quality
  • Range of applications including GPS and Lone Worker



SICS eXpress

DMR Dispatcher

SICS eXpress provides organizations with a powerful and effective tool for managing and tracking both their employees and their vehicle fleets. Easy to install and operate, this powerful application package is the ideal management tool for a broad spectrum of sectors, including manufacturing, municipalities, retail and hospitality.

Main Features

  • Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and Automatic Person Location (APL) software application for use with Sepura’s DMR family of products
  • Status messaging – to provide quick and simple updates
  • Group messaging – to provide effective team communications
  • Built-in emergency procedure look-ups – to ensure a swift and appropriate response
  • Remote monitoring capability – to keep control in a crisis
  • Approximate address look-up via reverse geo-coding – to help to locate people and vehicles quickly
  • Disable/ Enable/ Kill – to safeguard against mis-use
  • Variety of approved on-line mapping options – to provide choice (only available on the 8000 variant)