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Airmux-5000 (RAD)

Point-to-Multipoint Ethernet Radio

Main Features

  • Fast and easy deployments with user-friendly installation and alignment tools
  • Guaranteed bandwidth with dedicated channels and Service level Agreement per subscriber
  • OFDM/MIMO ensure high spectral efficiency and robust performance, even in nLOS/NLOS (no line of sight/near line of sight) installations, strong RF interference, or harsh ambient conditions
  • Advanced synchronization features support simultaneous transmission from up to 32 remote units
  • Shared Base Station architecture delivers low-cost per subscriber
  • Point-to-Point performance in a Point-to-Multipoint Ethernet radio

Canopy PMP 450 (Cambium Networks)

Main Features

  • The Access Point (AP) can provide more than 90 Mbps throughput
  • Dramatically increases overall system capacity
  • No wholesale change-out of SMs required to achieve benefits
  • Intelligently adapts as OFDM loading increases to maximize performance
  • OFDM MIMO data rates of up to 90 Mbps peak throughput
  • MIMO subscribers to maximize network capacity
  • Simultaneously talks to both FSK & OFDM SMs using Canopy MAC protocol (future)