Wireless Solutions
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Cyber On-Air (Asia) Ltd. carries Motorola Solution and Meru Network WLAN products and solutions to keep you stay mobile and connected no matter you have a single office or a worldwide network.

Our experienced Consultants can help you set up and expand your data network access capabilities. The followings are the basic considerations in setting up Wireless Systems in your enterprise.

Network Issues:

• Controller keeps single configuration file to operate all Access Points (APs)

• Connection between APs and Controller are simple access VLAN running encapsulated tunnel (GRE)

• All VLAN configurations are done on WLAN controller

Radio Frequency Issues:

• Non-overlapped channels in 2.4GHz or 5.8 GHz

• Automatically assigned channels and power by WLAN controller

Security Issues:

• Rogue AP detections & containments

• Wireless intrusion detections & protections

• All security configurations available on WLAN controller