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In 2011, SwissQual QualiPoc Android set the industry standard for real-time, handheld voice and data service optimization on a wide variety of Android-based smartphones, as well as being first to market with LTE support. And the innovation hasn't stopped since.

New for 2012, SwissQual QualiPoc Android offers outstanding performance, unique capacity and MOS testing options, mashable monitoring functions, new indoor mapping functions, as well as more detailed LTE support - all delivered on the very latest Android devices.

QualiPoc Android

Fast, effective, handheld radio optimization for the next generation of mobile deployments

Main Features

  • SwissQual was the first company to introduce a handheld optimization solution based, the first to deliver that solution on an Android smartphone, to offer a handheld LTE optimization tool and to offer POLQA voice MOS on a handheld
  • Offers the most complete, flexible range of radio optimization and quality assurance capabilities available on a handheld platform today, uniquely including POLQA voice MOS algorithms, simultaneous voice and data testing, and special downlink capacity tests. Support of iBwave floorplans
  • Delivers outstanding performance and power, allowing genuine LTE L3 tracing in real-time, as well as multiple mashable monitors during testing
  • Newest Android Devices
  • Measured downlinks throughputs of over 95mbps and uplink speed of more than 42mbps using dual-core QualiPoc Android devices, while carrying out full L3 tracing
  • LTE Now
  • POLQA Inside
  • Mashable Monitors
  • Unique Testing Regimes