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NQDI is SwissQual’s post-processing system. It can be used with the data produced by the QualiPoc and Diversity families for network optimization, service monitoring and benchmarking.

NQDI provides a detailed analysis of the quality of voice, video, and data services using primary RF measurements, network trace events and call control parameters for all radio technologies.


Scalable, flexible, detailed processing, investigation and reporting of network survey data

Main Features

  • Combines high level KPI summaries with full access to detailed drilldowns
  • Smart adapting GUI is sensitive to contextual information
  • Time synchronization and correlation of numerous data layers helps automate fault categorization
  • Correlates information from physical, service, and application layers in time-synchronized views
  • Supports all the major mobile radio technologies
  • Designed as a client/server application
  • Stores detailed information in the database
  • Allows time-correlated physical and protocol diagnosis across numerous layers
  • Has automated analysis of CS and PS calls with failure cause categorization that assists the user in finding the top most quality-degrading network problems within just a few seconds