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’s EtherAccess Strategy aims to provide REAL (reliable, economical, accountable, and limitless) Carrier Ethernet Access, enabling easy Ethernet service deployment and ensuring a consistent customer experience, regardless of the available access technology. The product suite is designed to help service providers meet customer expectations for SLA accountability and verifiable performance for Carrier Ethernet services. This is achieved with built-in intelligent demarcation capabilities, including advanced traffic management, end-to-end network visibility with hardware-based Ethernet OAM (operations, administration and maintenance) functionality, proactive performance measurement, granular QoS (quality of service), and advanced Timing over Packet capabilities.

Ethernet over TDM


Mid-band Ethernet and Fast Ethernet over Four E1 NTU

Main Features
  • Enables quick roll-out of new Ethernet services over existing PDH/SDH/SONET infrastructure
  • Reduces CapEx (capital expenditures) by providing cost-competitive alternative to complex routing equipment
  • Extends carrier reach for out of footprint subscribers across TDM networks
  • Supports differentiated services, with user-defined, VLAN-based QoS
  • Minimizes service disruption and reduce operating costs with diagnostic tools for quick fault isolation and bi-directional fault propagation


Ethernet over Fiber


Advanced Carrier Ethernet Demarcation Device

Main Features

  • Multirate FE/GbE combo ports allow flexible service offering in one unit for capex and opex savings
  • Flow-based traffic management with H-QOS per EVC for SLA enforcement at customer premises, enabling MEF-certified EPL and EVPL services
  • Ethernet OAM and performance monitoring at wire speed, for reliable and accurate SLA monitoring, enabling efficient diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Enhanced RFC-2544 analyzer for SLA verification, ensuring customer satisfaction immediately after turn-up
  • Synchronous Ethernet and IEEE-1588v2 PTP, seamlessly bridging synchronization domains


SFP Converters

MiRICi- E1/T1

Miniature Ethernet to E1/T1 Remote Bridge

Main Features

  • Reduces CapEx by providing a cost-effective alternative to standalone units or conversion cards
  • Allows easy integration with autonomous operation
  • Increases network flexibility by allowing quick, ad-hoc installations
  • Supports a scalable migration to fiber Ethernet access
  • Eliminates the need for equipment certification and integration, and for special operator training
  • Interoperable with third-party routers and switches