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RAD’s Voice trunking gateways enable enterprises, cellular operators and carriers to cut operating costs by compressing voice calls over TDM and IP networks. With Compressed Voice System users can transport up to 16 full E1/T1 circuits over a single E1/T1, serial or packet-based network.

The solutions are ideally suitable for connectivity in multi-site organizations where branch offices and remote sites are linked via satellite microwave or other limited bandwidth connections. The solutions are particularly applicable in industries such as oil and gas, shipping, mining, broadcasting, and defense.


Voice Trunking Gateway

Main Features

  • Provides a seamless migration path from TDM to IP without affecting voice quality or existing user equipment
  • Enables leased line replacement between MSCs or between MSCs and PSTN
  • Allows mobile operators to leverage the existing 2G backbone segments while introducing 3G NG-MSC
  • Helps international/long distance telecom providers and call centers to reduce the number of leased lines
  • Supports disaster recovery solution providers in saving on expensive satellite bandwidth



Hub-Site Pseudowire Gateway

Main Features

  • Reduces CapEx by enabling transition to cost-effective packet networks using TDM pseudowire access
  • Allows carriers to continue delivering legacy services while migrating to NG IP transport
  • Reduces operational costs by aggregation and compression
  • Ensures carrier grade voice quality
  • Enables carrier-class service continuity with fully redundant hardware