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IEEE 1588 (also known as Precision Time Protocol or PTP) is the emerging standard for providing precise timing and synchronization over packet-based, Ethernet networks. Time & Frequency Solutoions and Oscilloquartz best-in-class IEEE 1588 solutions address a wide variety of applications for Telecom and Enterprise customers. They are ranging from precise carrier class synchronization and precise time stamping to the test and measurement of PTP networks. IEEE 1588 solutions are particularly suitable for High Frequency Trading.

GrandMaster Server

Time & frequency Solutions and Oscilloquartz's  IEEE 1588 server products provide the highest level of reliability and performance available on the market today. They are widely adopted by Telecom Nework operators, public utilities, education and financial markets.

PTP80 Elite GrandMaster

GPS Network Time Server with SFP connection and Gigabit Ethernet capability

Main Features

  • Uses Precision Time Protocol (PTP) to IEEE1588v2
  • Distributes time to remote PTP clients and slaves over a network
  • Multiple PTP8-'s can be utilised for load sharing resilience and increase support
  • Advanced hardware-generated timestamps
  • GPS input source with multiple alternative inputs available
  • Internal disciplined oscillator continues to provide stability if input source interrupted
  • Rubidium or Quartz Oscillators
  • Choic of auxiliary outputs inlcude 1PPS & 10MHz, E1/T1, IRIG-B
  • Additional customre specified outputs also available
  • 19 inch, 1U high rack mountable chassis

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OCA 5401 Syncplug

Syncplug PTP Grandmaster on SFP

Main Features

  • Syncplug technology for hgihly accurate timing distribution with smallest footprint. Compatible with SFP electrical MSA
  • Built-in GNSS receiver supporting fully-featured PRTC and phase synchronization to radio access networks and small cells
  • Easily plugs into hosting devices. No additional power or space is required
  • Decouples development of netowrk element from implementation of GNSS receiver
  • Robust design with local Stratum 3E oscilllator and Sync-E input, fallback in ncase of GNSS outage
  • Extended operating temperature range

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PTP Slave


OSA 5410 Series

Access PTP Grandmaster and GNSS receiver

Main Features

  • Cost effective and small form factor design suitable for access network
  • Built-in GNSS receiver enable PRTC/PRC & Grandmaster clock functionalities
  • Brings preceise IEEE 1588v2 PTP frequency and phase synchronization to radio access networks
  • Syncjack technology for timing distribution, monitoring and testing
  • Extended holdover performance including high-end quartz and rubidium oscillator options
  • Configurable to operate in Grandmaster, APTS, Boundary and Slave clock modes
  • High-availability design

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OSA 5420 Series

Mid-Scale Syncjack PTP Grandmaster

Main Features

  • Syncjack technology for timing distribution, monitoring and testing
  • Brings precise IEEE 1588v2 PTP frequency and phase synchronization to radio access netwroks
  • Built-in GNSS receiver and Grandmaster clock functionality
  • Extended holdover perfromacne including high-end quartz and rubidium oscillator options
  • Cpnfigurable to operate in Grandmaster, APTS, boundary and Slave clock modes
  • Scalable fan-out of multiple physical synchronization output interfaces
  • High-availability design including APTS clock selection, automatic asymmetric delay compensation and power supply redundancy

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SyncView Plus

Effective Management of synchronization equipment

Main Features

  • Geographical representation of the entire synchronization network
  • Intuitive adn User-friendly Graphical Interface iwth internal block diagram and exact replication of the equipment physical front view
  • Comprehensive management services including Fault, configuration, Performance, Security and Operational Management
  • real-time and historical performance monitoring
  • flexible client/Server hierarchical configuration to adapt to unlimited size of synchronization network
  • Alarms and Events collection and Maanagement of third party and legacy equipment
  • Seamless integration into thrid party Operations Support systems (OSS)
  • Generation of various reports (XML, PDF, etc.)

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