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, GPS Primary Reference Sources (PRSs), also known as "master clocks," provide the highest level of time and/or frequency accuracy for telecom networking as required by international standards. The wide variety of PRSs are categorized by the source that is used to derive their timing outputs: GPS (Global Positioning System), Cesium (atomic clock), or Packet PRS (IEEE 1588 PTP).




OSA 3230B

Generate superior, highly reliable Stratum 1 synchronization signals for advanced telecom network services

The Oscilloquartz's OSA 3230B Cesium clock is specifically designed and produced with the latest technology to serve complex applicaitons where an extremely accurate reference signal is needed in minmum size.

Main Features

  • Peformance exceeding ITU-T G.811/Stratum 1 PRC
  • Accuracy better than +/- 1x10-12 during entire life
  • Long life 10 years cesium tube
  • Extremely compact size
  • 10MHz and 5MHz low noise outputs
  • 100KHz to 50Mhz programmable sine wave analog output
  • 3 x outputs configurable between 1pps/1MHz/5MHz.10MHz - TTL level
  • 1PPS external synchronization input
  • Optional signal expansion, providing 5 additional outputs
  • Redundant DC power supply inputs or mixed AC+DC power supply
  • Control and monitoring via alarm contacts and RS232 commmuniciton
  • TCP/IP remote management port for TL1 and/or SNMP management

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Telecom GNSS Clock


OSA 5410 Series

OSA 5410 Series is a family of compact and cost-efective synchronization distribution and assurance devices that brings the powwer of Synjack to any access network. The OSA 5410 Series offers unique flexibility by supporting delivery and assurance of synchronization utilizing Synchronous Ethernet and IEEE 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol (PTP). The built-in Global Navigation Satellite system (GNSS) reeiver and Grnadmaster (GM) clock capability, it can be used as a timing source for frequency, phase and time-of-day delivery, as well as measurement reference for Syncjack tools.

Main Features

  • Cost effective and small form factor design suitable fo raccess network
  • Built-in GNSS receiver enable PRTC/PRC & Grandmaster clock functionalities
  • Brings precise IEEE 1588v2 PTP frequency and phase synchronization to radio access networks
  • Syncjack technology for timing distribution, monitoring and testing
  • Extended holdover performance including high-end quartz and rubidium oscillator options
  • Configurable to operate in Grandmaster, APTS, Boundary and Slave Clock modes
  • High availability desing


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Highly accuracte adn economic Triple Port Network Time Server

Main Features

  • Economic triple-port stratum 1 Network Time Server
  • Can act as both host and server in peer-to-peer mode
  • Capable of synchronising up to 3 descrete networks independently
  • Client system accuracy to within 50us
  • Precision timing circuits ensure stability in event of synchronisation signal interruption
  • Configuration and alarm reporting capabilities using simple Netowrk Management Protocol (SNMP)
  • 1PPS output
  • Supports up to 1500 clients

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