Network Synchronization Solutions
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Around the world, Oscilloquartz products provide the accuracy and precision required to set the clocks of the international timescale. The timing products support the integrity of IT systems of major, multinational companies on every continent, help deploy satellites, aircraft, power stations, and missiles, and assure the performance of critical applications in governments, metrology, and the aerospace industry.


Generate and distribute superior synchronization signals for advanced network services

Main Features

  • latest generation of SSU with 6U, 19" or ETSI shelves
  • Intuitive and modular architecture adapted to all telecom node sizes
  • Up to 200 protected (1:1) E1/2048MHz outputs
  • Expandable system to provide up to 1000 protected outputs (1:1)
  • G.811 PRC with optional dual GPS and/or GLONASS cards and G.812 type I,II or III SSU holdovers
  • Universal outputs & Input card design
  • Fully manageable with intuitive Local and Remote Graphical User Interface
  • Optional NTP and PTP modules
  • 1:1 Protection for every card and function

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