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Airmux-400 (RAD)

Broadband Wireless Radio

Point to point 16 x E1/T1 & 2 x Eth, 100 mbps full duplex for a range of 120 km/75 mi.

Main Features
  • Supports easy migration to Ethernet microwave by combining native TDM and Ethernet support in a single platform
  • Versatile product range provides high flexibility to meet diverse IP- or PDH-intensive backhaul scenarios
  • Fast and easy deployments with user-friendly installation and alignments tools
  • Robust solution for NLOS (no line of sight) and over-water deployments with OFDM, MIMO and antenna polarization features
  • Cost-effective solution with unparalleled performance
  • High reliability and availability based on robust air interface protocol and 1+1 link redundancy


PTP 500 Series (Cambium Networks)

Main Features

  • Deliver up to 99.999% availability in virtually any environment, including non-line-of-sight, long-distance line-of-sight, over water or open terrain, even though extreme weather conditions
  • Class-leading sensitivity and power output, which enable the links to go farther than comparable systems up to 155 miles (250 km).
  • Combines MIMO, i-OFDM and our advanced signal-processing algorithms to create four simultaneous channels between pairs of transceivers at each end of the link, without losing spectrum efficiency
  • Offer operators flexibility and options to add capacity when your network needs more
  • No external lightning protection device is needed at the top of the tower adjacent to the radio. An external PTP Lightning Protection Unit (PTP-LPU) is required at the cable entrance point leading to the indoor network equipment
  • Support for HTTPS/TLS, Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS), and syslog
  • Enables you to to plan for single or multiple links simultaneously, using Google Earth to provide a comprehensive overview of the entire network



PTP 600 Series (Cambium Networks)

Main Features

  • With aggregate throughput to 300 Mbps, PTP 600 links can deliver up to 99.999% availability in virtually any environment, including non-line-of-sight, long-distance line-of-sight, high interference, water and desert
  • Operating in the 2.5 GHz licensed spectrum, the series are designed to support the stringent requirements of a wide variety of EBS applications
  • With the PTP 48600 and the PTP 45600, Cambium has two defined band Point-to-Point licensed solutions designed to support U.S. government entities and NATO licensees with cost-effective, high-throughput connectivity. Operating in the 4.8 and 4.5 GHz spectrums and up to 200 and 300 Mbps Ethernet data rates respectively, these FIPS 140-2 certified bridges support applications such as:
    • Battlefield communications
    • Public safety
    • Video surveillance and border security
    • Tactical military operations
    • Training and simulation networks
    • Building-to-building and campus connectivity
    • Multi-point-to-point ad hoc application
  • Operating in the 4.9 GHz public safety spectrum, PTP 49600 bridges deliver up to 200 Mbps throughput and support numerous critical applications including:
    • Real-time access to missing-person images, DMV records, video feeds, medical data, building blueprints, vehicle locations, evacuation routes and road closures, building floor plans, fire hydrant locations and much more