Case Study

Cyber On-Air partnered with different famous and leading technology manufacturers to provide value-added solutions and services to customers.


Let's check out some case studies and applications from our partners and see how our partners' best-of-breed technology have helped people to solve their real problems and benefit them in terms of operational efficiency, cost and more.



Wireless Connectivity Solutions for Hospitality

You may learn how wireless connectivity solutions improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs at hospitality locations.

Hotel Hospitality Wi-Fi solution

The solution includes High Performance AP, Switches, and free cloud-based management for end-to-end performance monitoring and management that improves guest satisfaction while reduce total cost.

Solutions Used: cnPilot Wi-Fi, cnMatrix Switches and cloud based cnMaestro

Monarch Skyline Hotel Uses Digital Signage to Establish Its High-Quality Brand Image

Monarch replaced traditional bulletin boards to Digital Signage enables information to be presented through a high-quality communication platform with brand new visual experiences for customers.

Solutions Used: Cayin Technology Digital Signage CMS and SMP players

Pioneer in Wireless and Synchronization