Case Study

Cyber On-Air partnered with different famous and leading technology manufacturers to provide value-added solutions and services to customers.


Let's check out some case studies and applications from our partners and see how our partners' best-of-breed technology have helped people to solve their real problems and benefit them in terms of operational efficiency, cost and more.


Cambium Case Study

Cambium Networks and Herefordshire

Delivery of Boradband to rural communities

Solutions Used: PTP wireless broadband

ePMP3000 in Datatran's Network

Use of ePMP3000 to increase bandwidth per client

Solutions Used: ePMP3000

cnVision makes the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix Safer with instant connectivity for video surveillance

Without interence, latency, delays or signal loss, the solution allowed Formula One to have high-quality images to monitor the safety of visitors to the event

Solutions Used: Cambium cnVision

Pioneer in Wireless and Synchronization