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Timing for Finance Market

As an esseential step towards meeting regulatory requirements for timing accuracy in trading networks is the transition from NTP to PTP. 


Financial markets and their institutions often rely on tiem-as-a-service (TaaS) providers to synchronize their business clocks.


The providers deliver accurate, traceable and verifiable time synchronization and are required to provide auditable proof of the quality of thier services.


To ensure optimum service, it's essential for providers to verify the quality of the TaaW selivered and trigger immediate action if any deviations occur.


Our Timing solution supports the financial market and TaaS providers with a comprehensive product portfolio for delivery and assuracne of precise synchronization. 


Harnessing these products enales a smooth transition from legacy NTP to Highly precise PTP. The unique portflio provides the tools to improe the resiliency of synchronization netowrks by introducing advanced grandmaster and long-holdover atomic clocks as well as redundant GNSS concepts. Our products deliver the accurate timign that financial venues require.


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