case study

cnVision makes the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix Safer with instant connectivity for video surveillance

Solutions Used: Cambium cnVision

CAMBIUM NETWORKS PROVIDED eight cnVision Client MINIs, a cnVision Hub 360r and installation for the Brazilian Grand Prix event in November 2019. Seal Telecom, the project’s system integrator (SI), quickly deployed the wireless links, established sufficient communication speeds and ensured a stable connection for the critical camera infrastructure. The SI installed the Client MINIs, optimally positioned the omnidirectional Hub 360r to connect the clients and connected the clients to the Hub 360r. They used 1080p resolution cameras from Dahua to monitor the area. Installation was seamless and quick because the omni-directional antenna in the product portfolio did not require alignment. The predictable and interference-resilient nature of cnVision protocol allowed for uninterrupted and steady streaming of the camera feeds. The cnVision system’s simplified user interface made setting up the wireless cameras easier for Seal Telecom, saving time and cost.

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