OSA5405 series

Highlight of OSA5405 :


- Built-in dual GNSS receivers and antennas enabling the unit to act as both Granmaster and NTP/IEEE1588v2 Time Servers

- No clear sky view needed by using reflected (multipath) signal to achieve excellent synchronization performance 

- Advanced jamming and spoofing detection on device and management levels

- With built-in Syncjack technology, the system offers comprehensive sync monitoring and service assurance

- No need RF cables and cable delay compensation.

- PoE powered 

- Small size and simple installation

- Supports PTP(Precision Time Protocol) over IPv4 and IPv6

- Profiles supported : IEEE1588-2008 L3/L2,

  ITU-T 8265.1/8275.1/8275.2/Power/Boadcast/Enterprise

- PTP and Sync-E inputs fallback options

- Robust design with Combo Fiber/Copper ethernet interface




Pioneer in Wireless and Synchronization