TDM Pseudowire Access Gateway

RAD's IPMux-24 and IPMux-216 enable carriers to extend their services from legacy backbones over greenfield packet netowrks, without affecting customer experience or replacing existing end-user equipment.


They also allow service providers to add traditional leased line services to their Layer 2 portfolio and permit enterprises to reduce their IT expenses on PSTN connectivity and branch-to-branch communications. In addition, they also support cellular operators in migrating their services economical packet switched backhaul while maintaining the mobile network's stringent synchronization requirements.


Highlight of IPMux-24 and IPMux-216 :

- Up to 4 (IPMux-24) , 8 or 16 (IPmux-216) E1 or T1 TDM user ports

- 3 SFP-based fiber or copper FE or GE ethernet interfaces

- Multi-standard hardware-based TDM pseudowire : TDMoIP, CESoPSN, SAToP, HDLCoPSN, CESoETH

- ITU-G.8032 Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS) for sub-50ms restoration; Ethernet link and TDM pseudowire redundancy

- Ethernet OAM: IEEE802.3-2005 (formerly 802.3ah), 802.1ag/ITU-T Y.1731 (CFM)

- High precision clock recovery for 2G/3G cellular traffic over PSN

- QoS per 802.1p, ToS/DSCP, EXP MEF-9, MEF-14 certified for EPL, EVPL services



Pioneer in Wireless and Synchronization