Network Video Recorders

There are 5 different series of NVR that meet different application needs of user. They are DeepinMind Series, Ultra Series, Value Series, Pro Series and Special Series.


(a) DeepinMind Series

     This series of NVR embedded with industry-leading Deep Learning algorithms. These NVR can boast up to 90 percent accuracy in false alarm reduction and intelligent facial recognition technology, human intervention can be reduced to the bare minimum.



(b) Ultra Series

     The Ultra Series is designed for extensive projects that require a large number of cameras, as well as a rack-mounted installation for back-end NVRs.


     The optimized H.265+ compression codec provides maximally efficient bandwidth and storage usage.



(c) Value Series

     The Value Series NVR provides a high cost-effective choice of video recording, live view and playback. In particular, the Wi-Fi solutions of the Value Series NVRs make them easy to install and easy to manage.



(d) Pro Series

   The Pro Series NVR features optimized H.265+ and H.264+ compression codec, enabling highly effective bandwidth and storage management. 


      This series is ideal solution for small to medium size businesses.



(e) Special Series

     The Special Series NVR comes with pre-installed Windows or Linux Ubuntu OS providing the best choice for integrating the VMS and applications.


       Not only is it flexible, but the alarm I/O and PoE interfaces can also be configured for 3rd party integration.



Pioneer in Wireless and Synchronization