Airmux-400 series

Key advantages of Airmux-400 series


- Delviers IP and Ethernet over the same link for seamless migration from legacy TDM to IP networks

- Multi-band operation in a single device with a variety of channel bandwidth options

- Robust air interface with unique interference mitigation and NLOS operation

- Quality of service (QoS) and advance networking features

- Built-in redundancy and protection schemes maxmize service availability

- Up to 16 E1/T1 ports; up to two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces

- OFDM & MIMO 2x2 diversity and high modulation scheme including QAM256

- Net throughtput up to 750Mbps aggregate

- Extend range up to 120Km

- GPS based hubsite TDD synchronization

- Ehernet QoS

- 1+1 redundancy ring protection

- Telnet & Web-based mangment, IPv4 &v6; local and remote access



Pioneer in Wireless and Synchronization