Siklu mmWave

(a) Point-to-Point mmWave


We have Etherhaul Hundred Series and Kilo Series that can meet different point-to-point applications.


Key Highlights of Hundred and Kilo series :


- Wide Channel with Gigabit throughput

- License free and Interference free operation

- Carrier grade equipment and able to withstand low and high temperature

- Prepared for 5G network supporting Sync-E and IEEE1588v2

- Small form factor and installation is simple

- Low cost and suitable for large scale deployment



(b) Point-to-Multipoint mmWave 


The MultiHaul™ series integrates advanced beam forming meaning there is no alignment necessary between the Base Unit and the Terminal Unit. This plug and play installation with zero-touch configuration approach means MultiHaul™ networks can be deployed rapidly and cost effectively by a single person.


Key Highlights of Multihaul


- Wide coverage with narrow and zero align beams

- Up to 8 Terminal Units per Base Unit

- High throughput with up to 1.8Gbps for Base Unit and 1Gbps for Terminal Unit

- Small form factor and easy to install

- Services configured automatically on Terminal Unit


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