Engineering Service

We provide innovative and cost effective wireless solutions for Mobile Operators, Facility Owners and Government. Our technical strength and rich hands-on industry experience includes commercial and essential RF system’s design, consultancy, deployment, integration and maintenance.

Leveraging on our expertise, knowledge and strategic alliances with manufacturers, test equipment vendors and industry professionals, our team of skilled professionals work collaboratively with customers to plan, design, build and maintain practical customized wireless solutions that are versatile, reliable and scalable.

Our engineering capabilities stem from many years of delivering engineering and project management services to our customers, ranging from service providers such as mobile network operators to fix network operators, public utilities, government and enterprise.

We do not just install communications systems but help customers to solve all technical problems faced during installation and system implementation.

Our Engineering service includes but not limited to :
(a) System Design
     - Link Buget Analysis
     - RF Propagation Prediction
     - Evaluate and Qualify the implementation Site

(b) Engineering Survey & Service
     - Site Survey
     - Service Proposal

(c) Project Implementation
     - Schedule & Planning
     - Project Management (e.g. Civil & Builder's Works, Resources Management)
     - System Installation

     - RF Cabling and Structural Cabing
     - System Migration and Integration

(d) Maintenance Service
     Our solutions are flexible and are customized to accommodate different customer

     requirements with:
     - Professionalism, Experience and Technical Expertise
     - Outstanding Service and Competitive Price
     - Local and Regional Capabilities
     - Partnerships and Alliances


In addition, Cyber On-Air has the following certifications/licenses enabling us to carry out our engineering works in compliance with the local regulation.


- Registered Minor Work Contractor Certificate (Class I, II & III) by the Building Department of

  HK Government

- Registered Electrical Contractor Certificate by the Electrical & Mechanical Services

   Department of HK Government

- Security Company Licence (Class III) by the Security Bureau of HK Government 

  (remark : Class III is solely for installation, maintenancne and/or repairing of a security

  device and/or designing a security system incorporating a security device)

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